Current Project:

Guggenheim Fellowship, June 2017 - April 2018


The work of the last four years has been to develop another material in addition to the transparent spray paint I use. I felt if I had a transparent colored material that was thick and

could be spread to build up quickly, I could pursue ideas I otherwise could not. I've finally developed a clear silicone paste that is easily colored. This new material allows for a rapid

color build-up. The tool marks from spreading allow a more obvious record of how the painting is constructed and add a relaxed overall feel to the painting. Additionally, because of

how the material is worked, the possibility of much larger scale exists.


With the support of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation my current project is very straightforward. The grant supports time in my studio and the purchase of materials

to make at least three large silicone paste paintings on aluminum panels.


The following photographs show current progress in making 3 triptychs, each will be 6ft. high by 12ft. wide.